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  3. Why choose us?

    Product & price advantages: with strict grasp of product quality, safety and sustainability, as well as accurate market grasp. Provide safe, reliable quality product and competitive price support.

    Warehousing & logistics advantages: complete warehouse facilities and logistics system, minimizing operational costs benefits customer’s profit.

    The team & technical service advantages: we have the professional technical team engaged in the production and application of the food additive industry for many years

    Cultural advantage: Be brave to bear social responsibility, grow with employees and develop with customers.

    About us

    Linyi Newtop Industrial Co.,Ltd

         LINYI NEWTOP INDUSTRIAL is a Chinese leading company in sales, marketing and distribution of food additives and feed ingredients. With over 200 products and more than 400 customers in global food & beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, animal nutrition and chemical industry which covers 80 countries and regions in the world. NEWTOP mainly focus on top quality products and excellent supply chain management, we are very strong and active in Thickeners, Vitamins, Proteins, Acidulants, Preservatives, Antioxidants, Sweeteners, Phosphates, Flavorings & Aromas, Plant Extracts, Amino Acids, Colorants, Emulsifiers, Nutritional Supplements. We attribute our rapid growth and popularity to our emphasis on providing only high-quality products on a consistent basis from approved sources. Th...

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